Antonio Razzi, Senator of the Forza Italia party, wants Er Pupone at the Abruzzo-based club under Zdenek Zeman.

“Totti should never retire. I’m a Juventino, but Totti is Totti, I’d make him play for as long as he can. He is the captain of Rome, known all over the world. It would be beautiful if he kept on playing with Pescara, with Zeman on the bench.

The Senator carried on.

“With Totti on the field and Zeman on the bench, Abruzzo would become a protagonist for Italian football. I’ll try to convince Pescara to give him a call. Roma wants to give him a directorship role, but he’s still fit, and can play another two years. I’ll give my advice to Pescara, because we should definitely try to convince him. The salary wouldn’t be a problem, because it would be paid with the amount of people (who would come to the stadium). Totti would become the star of the city.”
With Pescara heading to Serie B, it would be an interesting choice as the 41-year-old’s contract is set to expire.