This article is an adaptation by forzaroma on 11/4/2017

The Romans, between Carbonara and an Amitriciana, a beer and a coffee, these are the Romans of the Big Apple.

In New York, the passion for Roma and Lazio abounds, with the capitoline eagle or the wolf logo on their chests, yelling, suffering and enjoying for the goals of Immobile and Dzeko. These are those who between the controversy of the barriers, the organizations, and the ticket process – the gripes of the many fans who live in the city of the Coloseum that could go to the stadium, but leave it sadly desolate – fuel the passion outside the city’s borders.

The location of the Lazio Club Ciorgio Chinaglia in New York is on East 7th street, not too far from the area where the Giallorossi situate themselves at “Legends,” on West 33rd street. These are the two “curve” on the other side of the ocean, where every match these faithful fans oppose each other.

There are the Brooklyn-style restaurants, the lawyers on the Upper East Side, the brokers on Wall street, and not just – there are also the tourists, the capitalist of Ladispoli that supports Lazio, and the Sicilian journalist that lives in Milan but left his heart in Rome and supports La Magica.