After recently resigning as the Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi has been closely following Roma’s stadium project. He had the following to say about his hopes for seeing its fruition:

“I must admit that I’ve been following Spalletti’s words very tensely: Tomorrow at the Olimpico, Roma face Fiorentina, and for us their coach is a real danger (Renzi is former Mayor of Florence, home of his Fiorentina). He has been appealing to the process, because at this moment/in these weeks the probability for a serious urban project has been confined. It’s not just an important asset for the area, providing jobs and opportunity, but above all a factor for the growth and competitiveness of sport in Italy.

We must make the stadiums hospitable for their guests, and sell the media rights to China. Only then will we return to having the best league in the world. If you say no to everything, as is happening in some cities, then the future is blocked. This also blocks investment. We are then condemned to live with only regrets.”