Fiorentina’s Curva Fiesole are readying 30 minutes of silence as they join protests against the barriers in Rome.

The transcript reads as follows: “On Tuesday, the 7th of February, our Fiorentina will take on Roma at the Olimpico. (At this point) it is enough that we consider the “history,” also that which is very recent, to understand how much is felt for its rivals in red and yellow. A race that has been ongoing for decades, marked by great battles, in the stands and outside (the stadium). It’s something that shouldn’t be happening, but we excuse ourselves and our conscience from the shameful conditions imposed on the Giallorossi ultras, that are still leaving their curva empty for the protests against repressive and unacceptable measures. It’s not just a question of colors in this case, nor solidarity towards a fanbase that throughout the years has been a protagonist of infamous gestures (scandalous things) and one that really has earned our profound hate. That which happened in Rome could happen tomorrow in Florence. It’s for this motive that the Curva Fiesole – which will be present at the Olimpico on Tuesday – will have a half-hour of silence and won’t display its banners in signs of protest against these measures that inhibit our freedom. Truly unique times that are trying to “normalize” our small spaces of freedom, which are still in place to try to get rid of our passion, and that have always gone against the Italian stadiums and the curve in particular.

-Curva Fiesole