Following Senad Lulic’s 20-day-ban, I wanted to express my disappointment on the matter.

Italy, as well as the rest of Western Europe has a massive issue concerning racism. This issue transcends into many Italian stadiums on a match-day-basis, where a handful of teenagers and adults make monkey chants and other derogatory gestures towards players of color.

I expected a stronger testament by the FIGC, to denounce Lulic’s comments towards Antonio Rudiger. By calling him a street vendor, selling belts and clothes, the Lazio player referred to the wave of recent refugees and immigrants from Africa that are often forced to sell accessories due to lack of other financial opportunities.

Such inappropriate comments and behaviors need to be eradicated from not only calcio, but our culture. There is no better example-setter than the governing board of football – the sport where many of our youth look for their role models and heroes.