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Month: December 2016

Lulic just 20 days? Preposterous

Following Senad Lulic’s 20-day-ban, I wanted to express my disappointment on the matter.

Italy, as well as the rest of Western Europe has a massive issue concerning racism. This issue transcends into many Italian stadiums on a match-day-basis, where a handful of teenagers and adults make monkey chants and other derogatory gestures towards players of color.

I expected a stronger testament by the FIGC, to denounce Lulic’s comments towards Antonio Rudiger. By calling him a street vendor, selling belts and clothes, the Lazio player referred to the wave of recent refugees and immigrants from Africa that are often forced to sell accessories due to lack of other financial opportunities.

Such inappropriate comments and behaviors need to be eradicated from not only calcio, but our culture. There is no better example-setter than the governing board of football – the sport where many of our youth look for their role models and heroes.

The arc of the ball – hope, disbelief, reality

Who, what, when, where, why: This article is based on a span of less than one second. The location is Bar Basso, West 57th St, NY, NY. It is with the Roma Club New York. It is for the derby, clearly. The date is the fourth of December, 2016. Why, well because as any good Romanista will tell you, Forza Roma – Sempre.

Hope – The ball leaves Kevin’s foot

An hour had already passed by. It took weeks to organize this event, to get Bar Basso owner Paolo to agree to host it, and meanwhile Roma were playing like pups rather than wolves. Psssh, any minute it felt like Lazio was going to take the lead – a couple close tries by Immobile in the first half, but the Giallorossi reentered for the second half with something different about them. Their purpose was suddenly tangible.

Bruno Peres was pushing up, in arguably his strongest performance for his new club. Diego Armando Perotti was pulling the strings as expected – cool, calm, and confident as always. Toni Rudiger, who could believe that this kid, less than half a year ago was walking with crutches after a major ACL repair. His effort was nothing short of Herculean that night.

These thoughts were bubbling on the back-burners as we waited for another chance on net. Edin Dzeko had scuffed two. Yet, Roma continued to press. Press they did, as Perotti found the ball from just in front of the Aquile half, and sent a through ground pass to Dzeko. Intercepted by Wallace – but what’s this? A silly contraption of efforts, and Strootman has the ball! Dzeko told to leave the ball! Holy hell, Strootman is in on net!

This one could go in!

Disbelief – Curling, the ball is at the center of its arch

As the ball reached its climax, suspended in midair, a thousand thoughts ran through each one of Bar Basso’s attendants. I think, is it, could it be? The ball looked to be going out from our angle, as the television’s slant made it impossible to tell if it was about to head in or out.

What does this goal mean for us now? Is the season back on track? Have Roma seriously just risen to the occasion and won Lazio’s so-called “Ethnic War?” Are Laziali pigs? Yes. Yes to all. Eyes lit like lovers staring into the moonlight with the finest glass of wine.

Reality – Down, and into goal

The ball is in the back of the net! The net is moving! It’s in! AAAAHHHHHH! Emotion erupted as every tifoso jumped on one another. For a moment, I felt the walls would come crashing down – there would no longer be a Bar Basso – but we were winning! The good guys are ahead!

The chipper had purged Lazio. Relief combined with ecstatic joy, and indescribable feeling assumed the bar.

Strootman was now running to the stands. His recovery had manifested with this goal, even if he was running under an empty Curva Sud. Although the eyes were not there to watch him proclaim his destiny, the hearts of Romanisti around the world embraced him as a true Roman.

The match ended of course with a wondergoal from Radja Nainggolan. Roma were the kings of Rome for 2016, and jubilations lasted until the evening in New York City.

We all laughed, and conversed through our WhatsApp group chat. We had been interviewed on RAI before, at halftime, and at the end of the match, and the club had gained notoriety. The good times will continue to come, in New York and in Rome – and only get better in spite of the FIGC and the re-founding of the Milan Clubs with Chinese money. Without borders, with all the banners, and all the fervor found in none other than Testaccio, The Roma Club New York had solidified itself as a family that Sunday – all in less than a second.



Roman Radio on Lazio-Roma

The following is an adaptation of an article from forzaroma.info

The radio Romano is a phenomenon, above all the other radio stations around Italy. A multitude of stations acting as a platform, the many journalists, with former players as well as pundits to enliven the show. Here are the opinions of the protagonists of the stations in Rome.


Iacopo Savelli: “The unfortunate situation for Salah? His absence in the derby will change the class of players on the field… But Roma is strong even without him, If it happened to Dzeko, that would be worse. Unfortunately these things are part of the game.”

Fabio Maccheroni: “Salah? Without him it changes the derby, but anyway El Shaarawy is great cover.”

Massimo Cecchini: “A surprise in the derby? I’m not really expecting it. I expect tighter defense on the wings, yes, but that means we won’t see the two fullbacks pushing forward. But at least one of them will be required to stay further back while one is more of a midfielder. But I don’t expect a revolution. Manolas will have the responsibility of covering 1 v 1 situations: The Giallorossi defense is much stronger than that of Lazio’s.

Fabrizio Aspri: “Are we sure that one fullback will be required to withhold? Lazio expects one to push further up. In terms of Nainggolan, he is a luxury playing there, due to his commitment to get back. There I really see Perotti, not the Belgian. Strootman? He will be present in the derby. Roma can’t stop now, not now that Juventus is finally showing cracks. If this is really a team with great attributes, this is the game in which they will have to show it.”

Paolo Franci: “Bruno Peres? He will be there, but he shows the tactical imbalance. Roma are a team with no balance and the first to pay for it are the fullbacks.”

Ugo Trani: “So far we have only spoken of the pitfalls of each team, but now the difficulties Lazio will face in defending, considering Dzeko is in excellent health. Regarding the January market I think Roma needs reinforcements with someone like Rincon in midfield, while definitely not losing anyone. For example, I think Roma needs a vice Strootman. On the corporate front the presence of Gandini is a step forward for the relationship between the organization and the fans. Possibly he can make us love the organization the same way we love the players.”

Marco Cassetti: “The derby will be a complicated game, it always is but now more than ever because the gap in technical quality has been reduced. Roma can suffer under Lazio’s attacking trident who are in top form. Unfortunately Peres has tactical limits, and the opponent creates their plan of attack by focusing on his deficiencies – although Manolas has been hiding it for him. Roma are also without Paredes. I hope we can get back to seeing the real Strootman, he had a small decline, but that’s normal.

Max Tonetto: “The derby is a game for players of personality. Roma will be playing “away from home” having only 4,000 fans. Roma will have to be very careful not to let up and to hide their faults.For me they key player will be Dzeko, he is the key to the derby. Without Salah, they definitely need Dzeko.

Danielle Lo Monaco: “Roma are the first candidate to challenge Juventus, the others are pretty good but they are not real competitors (for the Scudetto). The absence of the tifosi is a reflection of the current state of affairs in regards to the Olimpico, for if the match was held at the Flaminio there would be a lot of people. In any case, we will see how many go to the public workouts at Formello and Tre Fontane, as we are expecting a full house.


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