The latest hysteria concerning Miralem Pjanić’s agreement with Juventus has led to many beliefs and claims about Roma’s position on the matter. Certain contracts have release clauses which cancel out any responsibilities or decision making on behalf of the owning club.

When a purchase clause is added into a contract, a set amount if typically specified. The club that owns said player may not interfere with another team approaching the player, as the decision then rests solely upon the player.

For instance, if X club approaches Roma to buy Miralem Pjanić, for 30 million euros, they must go through Roma. But if the club offers the buyout price, of which was 38 million euros, then the decision to move rests solely on the player.

In such event, the only reply a team could have would be to raise his salary and convince the player to stay. It is then up to the player to decide what he wants to do – stay under his current or new contract, or move.