Rome’s city prefect Franco Gabrielli is responsible for the divisive barriers inside the Stadio Olimpico’s Curva Sud. The barriers were implemented at the beginning of the 2015/16 season, resulting in match petitioning and protests from Roma’s season-ticket holders.

While attending the event “Legality breaks the barriers,” Gabrielli took the microphone to answer a few questions on the future of the situation:


Is it a legal necessity to maintain the barriers?

They’ll remain until those people stop entering the stadium. If these people think that the barriers should be removed because they’re not fixed, then it’s misunderstood.


Will the barriers be there for the first week of the new season?

You will have to ask the next prefect, I won’t have the fortune anymore of dealing with this issue.


This year  there were no issues…

Well, there was nobody there.


For the away matches, there were no issues, and it was the same people that occupy the Curva Sud… 

I believe that the Committee of Public Security is like Rome’s so they have an understanding of the issue.


Will we see the barriers in other stadiums?

I’m not in charge of Public Security in every city.


The reentry of many fans during the last match?

That was good to see.