The following is an article translated from It’s a good look at a new (dominating) player in Roma’s Primavera:

Three games with Roma’s Primavera under Alberto De Rossi. The 17 year-old  has six goals, and came from Spoltore in Pescara, which is a satellite club of Roma’s academy.

He could be given a contract today, already, having only joined the Primavera a few weeks ago. Coly Sidy Keba is from the class of ’98, and joined the Primavera for the American tour in Orlando, Florida. He has produced optimum results: the Giallorossi have played three matches, and the 17 year-old has scored six goals, two from when he started against Kendall (5-0), one in the 1-1 against Montverde Academy, and three in the 4-1 win over Charger SC Florida.

Taken from a report from Francesco Oddi for “Gazzetta dello Sport,” Keba came a year and a half ago to study in Italy, together with his family, his mom a teacher and his father an official in the army. He did well with his studies just as in football, and started playing for Spoltore, a club in the first division in the area of Pescara, which is a subsidiary of Roma’s academy. For issues with the transfer, he was only able to begin playing for Roma on December 20th: more than a month before, Roma had already started taking notes on him, and tried him out in a friendly with the Primavera against the Nike Academy at Trigoria. On Roma TV, Alberto De Rossi declared, “Keba is a very interesting guy/player, an attacker that likes to pull out wide but you will often find by the net.”