In today’s charity match with Roma legends hosted by Vincent Candela, ex-coach and beloved figurehead Zdenêk Zeman made an appearance. In an interview with Radio Radio, he stated the following:

I’m always happy to be at the Olimpico. It’s great to see the guys, since I haven’t seen them in some time now.

The Selfie with Totti?

He was my favorite player. We hope that he can manage to help this squad still. It gives me joy that the Curva Sud still thinks of me, unfortunately I couldn’t manage to give them the satisfaction they wanted, but we had fun all the same.

The Scudetto?

The roster of players is important, in the recent past they haven’t expressed their best but we hope they return to how they did in the beginning because they were playing well.

The Hierarchy?

Juventus had a change and they’ve managed the results on the field. The management must make themselves heard and make the players do what they have to do.

below are the infamous stairs of Zeman’s practiceszemanstairs