The whistles from the partially dotted stands reached their loudest as the referee blew the final whistle, and Roma officially advanced to the Sweet 16 of the Champions League. Then… so why the hell did they whistle, and where did it all come from?

With the restrictions from the city still implemented against the striscioni_trig1 (1).jpgCurva Sud, many of the season ticket holders showed up to Trigoria today, waving their flags and banners for the Primavera’s Champions League match. They won, and also advanced. 3-0. The Curva/e were empty, so we can’t blame them for the whistles (which would be aimed towards the restrictions, rather than the team)…

The whistles, as Pallotta pointed out in today’s impromptu interview, came from the same fans that harass the players on and off the field, entertained by the journalists who villainize the players and staff. Now, if you are a paying customer, you are entitled to your opinion, and therefore, reacting however you may legally desire. However, these jeers, constant harassments at the stadium, in town, and on social media, are deconstructive criticism, which can only negatively affect the players and staff. They are people, with a central nervous system like you and me, and deserve to be treated so. Booing after a bad performance is normal, but the continued, 24/7 barrage against the lads is more poisonous than a rattlesnake under a cowboy’s boot.

In the impromptu conversation Jimmy Pallotta had with VoceGiallorosso, he had the following to say:

I think the guys came out in the second half, they showed a lot of emotion, and we’re going into the 16. What I’d really like to say is, I wish, on a daily basis, that some of you would leave these guys alone. They’re a great group of guys, they’re great young men, and it’s just seriously getting tired on a day to day basis the stuff that some continue to make up and keep eating on these guys. And it’s frustrating when you come in here and they keep getting whistled, when they pass it back to the goalie or something like that, because of the stuff that is being written or on the radio all the time. At some point some of you guys have gotta grow up, and start treating them with the respect that they all deserve. Ya know, they’re in the round of 16 right now, they work hard at it, they all give a shit about it, and all of us do too, but at some point you have to stop beating them up.

JimmyRomaBATE 2015-12-09 at 10.01.16 PM.png

When Mr. President is right, he’s right. Regardless of mine/your/position on the restrictions of the Curva Sud, of the staffing decisions, or the run of form, positive and constructive criticism is the only road which will bring improvements. In two months, Roma will square off in the Round of 16; with the right attitude, La Magica should be able to pull off some magica once again. Daje.

Watch the full interview here.