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Gambling on Giovinco

Sebastien Giovinco took America (and Canada) by storm. Major League Soccer was completely turned up on its head with last year’s arrival of the atomic ant, who scored 22 goals and made 13 assists, winning MLS’s Newcomer of the Year award. Or is it the Newcomer of the Year award winning Giovinco… Nevermind. Gio is the standout attacker in the whole league, earning call-ups by Azzurri boss Antonio Conte, and even attracting interest from Barcelona, who his agent says, “came to watch him multiple times.” Its been a long time since Empoli.

Given the odds that Gio will return to Europe on a loan, at the very least, many teams in and outside Italy will be giving his agent a call. But will Roma? Well, it makes perfect sense. Roma’s American ownership has long claimed their interest in cornering the American market, with several tours, a partnership with Disney, and the signing of USA’s captain, Michael Bradley. Gio’s complete dominance over MLS has put his Italian name on the tongue of all MLS fans, and even those who couldn’t bear to listen to me or you talk about Serie A and Italian football. You know the type. In all senses of marketing, he would be the perfect addition for the remainder of the season, if not more.

As Juan Manuel Iturbe is likely to be loaned, Iago Falque will transfer to the right, leaving the LWF position open. Although Gio is a true #10, Roma’s possession based system means he will often be around the penalty box, making inverted runs, rather than being a true winger. His intelligence would also be a great help in building the play. He would work great.

I realize many will disagree given Gio’s history, complications of the ownership, and his size. But if we give the 5’5″ man a shot, all signs point towards a marketing gem and a very helpful player in Roma’s quest for a scudetto.



  1. Actually gio is great idea and a cheap-compared to the expected return-solution for Garcia. Let’s see where roma position will be in January for both the calcio and the cup.

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