Marcos Aoás Corrêa, better known as Marcos or Marquinhos, was purchased in the summer of 2012 for 4.5 million euros. After a recommendation from Leandro Castan, Marcos found himself sitting on the Roma bench, second in line behind Guillermo Burdisso. After a substitution for Ivan Piris at rightback, the player was given more faith by then manager, Zdenek Zeman. Unbeknownst to tifosi in Rome or abroad, the young defender from São Paulo stole the hearts of the Curva Sud in just a few matches. Pairing up and creating a defensive wall with Castan, Marcos went onto play 26 games the 2012/13 season. It was a miracle next to Vatican City, and it was confirmed that Roma had found a defensive gem she could build on.

It rained on Roman souls that late day in July, when Marcos was sold. Paris Saint Germain came knocking, and Walter Sabatini answered. But how could this be? Roma could build upon the player, a defensive for possibly the next two decades. A player who showed up to the biggest matches, when the rest of the squad was in panic. That was part of the problem; Marcos’ value skyrocketed in just those 26 matches, and a profit of 30 million euros in just 11 months was too much for Pallotta and Sabatini to wave away. The majority of the sale was reinvested into the transfer fees and salaries for Mehdi Benatia and Kevin Strootman, and it was rightly believed that this policy would make the team stronger.

No doubt, this technique, and the players acquired did make the team stronger. But what Roma lost was intangible: a player that fought for the shirt, just 18 years old, and who shown himself to be one of the best, if not the best defensive prospects in the world. That is why Roma tifosi (including myself) were pretty darn excited when reported that Sabatini was interested in bringing back Marcos, in the upcoming January market window.

No, is not the most reliable, but it is an interesting, exciting, and maybe even doable proposition. With Marcos’ adoration of Rome, and being disgruntled with a lack of playing time at PSG, the player’s wishes could have an effect on the transfer, as happened with Lucas Digne. A loan with option to buy for only 20 million euros may not be feasible, but a nudge upwards in that price, and a couple pieces moved around by next year could ease the blow on Roma’s budget. Surely, we could use Marcos as our centerpiece in the backline once again. His bringing of stability, confidence, and passion could be exactly what Rome needs.

In case you have forgotten what Marquinhos did for Roma, check out Scoutnation’s video here. Below is a message of his towards the fans. Make it happen Walter.