This article is intended to bring together Romanisti from around the world, who are figureheads and contributors to their respective Roma club. I asked the participants to respond to three questions: 1) Info on their Roma club and their contributions to Roma, 2) If they were ever able to see an international Roma tour, and 3) Who was the greatest signing for this mercato, and who would surprise us?
It was fantastic to hear from all the following participants, and please enjoy the following:


Gianluca Pugliese, Roma Club Philadelphia

“I am part of Roma Club Philadelphia (Gianluca is being modest, he helped establish the club), and I saw Roma play in America on two separate tours. The first was the summer of 2012 when Roma had a friendly against El Salvador in Redbull Arena. It was the first time I saw Totti live and was fortunate to see the team win. The second occasion came in the summer of 2014 when Roma was taking part of the Guinness International Cup. I saw them play against Inter at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. The day before, I was waiting around their hotel and was fortunate enough to be there when they came back from training. I had the pleasure of meeting some of the players, Garcia, Pallotta and even Zanzi. The next morning, Roma Club Philadelphia hosted a grand tailgate that attracted Roma fans from all over the county and it was an honor to meet all of them. Despite the loss, this was probably the best weekend of my lifeEven though it is hard to pick a favorite new signing after just 2 games, I think the player I am most excited for is Dzeko. Rumors of buying him have been lingering around for over a year now and to have lastly finalized the deal this summer felt like a huge sigh of relief. He played well in the short preseason he had with the team and what is better than making your debut goal against Juventus? I am looking forward to see what more he has to offer, especially with players like Salah and Falque on his sides. I think the player that will most surprise us is Szczcesny. It seemed like when word first got out of his signing, many fans were quick to judge Sabatini’s actions for signing a player who seemed to have had a questionable reputation at Arsenal. However, I think thus far, Szczcesny has been great, on and off the field. He has made some phenomenal saves and seems to be gluing well with his defense. On top of that, he has shown to be mature, professional and motivated to win with Roma.”

Roma Club Philadelphia’s major tailgate before Roma v. Inter in Philadelphia, August 2014.

Alessio Ambrosetti, Austin ASRoma Fan Club

” I am the President of the Austin ASRoma Fan Club. I followed the team around in my Roma wrapped jeep with my family last summer in Denver, Dallas, and Philadelphia. It was an amazing experience and I am glad they’re coming to the US a lot more now. I think the player I was more intrigued about was Szczesny simply because it was weird to me that the number 1 keeper for Arsenal would chose to leave the EPL for Serie A. It has proved to be an amazing buy and most of my Arsenal friends were sad to see him leave. I think we will be surprised by Falque. He is a very dynamic winger, not like Gervinho. So let’s keep an eye out on him.”

Check out Roma’s official videos following Alessio’s journey here. They’re fantastic.

Jos Recine, Roma Club Montreal
“I am the president & founder of Roma Club Montreal. I haven’t attended any North American Tour Im usually in Italy at that time, I bring Canadian soccer players for trials and one of our working partners is Bruno Conti, Director of youth development of A.S. Roma. Dzeko is the addition adding height for set pieces and big enough to play back against the net to hold the ball for our great midfielders to come in… I believe the big surprise and who will have great season is Lucas  Digne.”
Jos pictured with Bruno Conti at Trigoria
Camillo, Roma Club Sydney
“I belong to the Roma Club Sydney in Australia. I am the president of the club. We are a young club but the first official club in Oceania. Roma games have only just begun to be televised in Australia this year, so we have had our share or troubles following them. However, this love knows no boundaries and it hasn’t hindered us.
I saw Roma play in Melbourne. I travelled with a few others from the roma club Sydney and watched both their games against Real Madrid and Manchester city. They weren’t the most exciting games, but it was very early times in the pre season preparation. I think the team still had to find some form at the time. It was still amazing to watch them. It was my first time ever watching them in person and I was lucky enough to be invited along with some of the Melbourne Roma clubs to watch the team train as well.
My favourite addition this transfer market is by far Edin Dzeko. Its been a long time since we’ve had the privilege of a striker of that calibre playing for us. I think a less notable signing that will surprise us is Iago Falque. He was impressive in Melbourne and was amazing against Juventus. I think he will be key for us this season.”
Roma Club Sydney members on tour to watch Roma in Melbourne, Australia
 Stefano, Roma Club Ireland
“August 1st, 2014 marks the birth of the first and only AS Roma Club in Ireland based in Dublin. The idea was to bring together all the Roma supporters here in Ireland – Romans, Italians and Irish, all under one roof. I am the founder and President of the Club. In only a few weeks were able to bring our fans and banners to the the Etihad Stadium in Manchester City, Allianz Arena in Munich and Rotterdam. We have also taken our fans to the Stadio Olimpico for the most important games last year. This year, we will also be going to Barcelona and Leverkusen. The greatest signing of the market is Gerson, and the one to surprise us most will be Iago Falque.”
Roma Club Ireland pictured outside the Olimpico.
 Marcus Ranney, Roma Club Washington DC
“Roma Club Washington DC, which was founded in February of 2014. The Club meets for every game at Ireland’s Four Courts in Arlington, VA and is currently comprised of over 50 members. Throughout the season the Club and its sponsors (Four Courts and Byford Realty) host brunch, pool, and raffle events to try to bring together the District Roma Community. Our most widely used hashtag for all event notifications is . The Club has a great working relationship with other clubs, such as Roma Club Philadelphia, New York, and Boston and is globally recognized by the Unione Tifosi Romanisti (UTR). Roma Club Philadelphia’s tailgate in 2014 allowed the CurvaDC to network with other Roma Clubs along the east coast.
The best addition to the mercato was undoubtedly Edin Dzeko, a proven talent in the premiere league, and the exact player Roma has been looking for in the past 5 seasons. His size, strength and technical ability will allow Roma to attack with another dimension and more importantly add the aerial threat. The less notable that will provide value will be Iago Falque. The attacking winger was extremely dangerous for Genoa last season and has already shown his worth in providing Edin Dzeko with the game winning assist against Juventus. The other “big transfer” move that people should not overlook is the retention of various players for the coming season. Naingolan, Pjanic, and Manolas are all three starters that were rumored at times to be out the door. Radja in particular provides the grit and character that will make Roma one of the toughest midfield threats in Europe.
Roma Club D.C. outside their restaurant venue for Roma v. Juve last week!
Giovanni Peluso, The Roma Club NY, & Personally
The Roma Club NY began in 2008 under the leadership of Giovanni Peluso. I was able to get a couple words from him: “Roma Club NY now has over 400 members, and our section is represented at the Olimpico with our banner. We have been a member of UTR since the club was founded, and we now present all matches possible at Bar Basso in Manhattan (by Columbus Circle). The best signings of the mercato are Dzeko, Digne, and Szczesny.”
Personally as a member of The Roma Club NY, I have greatly enjoyed my experience in being part of the community. Regardless of not being born in Rome or Roman, I was always made to feel comfortable, and I continue to attend. Last year, The Roma Club NY hosted a fantastic Christmas party, with a raffle where signed memorabilia and special Roma products were awarded to the winners and highest bidders. If you are interested in coming to watch a match and have a panino, contact, or give me a shout on Twitter of Facebook. This video was shot at the conclusion of last May’s derby win at the Roma Club NY.
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