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Irriducibili Exploitation of Anne Frank – “It’s Not Okay”

“This is not a curva. This is not football. This is not a sport. Get anti-semites out of the stadiums.” -Ruth Dureghello, President of Rome’s Jewish Society.

Monday morning, just as cleaning crews were making their rounds following Lazio’s Sunday match, workers came across something so grotesque and despicable, it makes you question if this is sport – is this humanity?

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Di Francesco’s Roma (for ASRoma.com/en)

Article discussing what Eusebio Di Francesco brings back to Roma Continue reading

De Rossi & Pellegrini – the tandem

Yesterday the agent of the young centre-midfielder met with Roma’s Sporting Director, Monchi.A contract is being drawn for the player that is still yet to reach 21-years-of-age, but who will represent the future of Roma.

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‘The new Roma’

The following is an adaptation of @FrancescoBalza8’s article on @ForzaRoma:

Roma restarts with a reinforced budget provided by the Champions League, following the renewals of De Rossi, Manolas, and Strootman. They will restart though, without Totti, Szczesny, and with at least three other big players in doubt. Here are the operations in the house of the Giallorossi: Continue reading

Senator wants Totti at Pescara

Antonio Razzi, Senator of the Forza Italia party, wants Er Pupone at the Abruzzo-based club under Zdenek Zeman.

“Totti should never retire. I’m a Juventino, but Totti is Totti, I’d make him play for as long as he can. He is the captain of Rome, known all over the world. It would be beautiful if he kept on playing with Pescara, with Zeman on the bench.

The Senator carried on.

“With Totti on the field and Zeman on the bench, Abruzzo would become a protagonist for Italian football. I’ll try to convince Pescara to give him a call. Roma wants to give him a directorship role, but he’s still fit, and can play another two years. I’ll give my advice to Pescara, because we should definitely try to convince him. The salary wouldn’t be a problem, because it would be paid with the amount of people (who would come to the stadium). Totti would become the star of the city.”
With Pescara heading to Serie B, it would be an interesting choice as the 41-year-old’s contract is set to expire.

Ag. Verde: “We are waiting to discuss his future with Roma”

Daniele Verde’s agent, Luigi Lauro, discussed the future of his client who is now on loan at Avellino, with TMW.com.

It’s been a great year for your client, and there are plenty of offers. What do you think about the situation with Roma?

This year was really important for Daniele, it’s not easy to play in such a demanding place as Avellino, which has great pressure and expectations. I think here he has been developing the maturity that he will need, coming up against many different issues and making sacrifices, like playing out of his natural role for the greater good of the squad: Novellino has made him a complete player. In regards to Roma, we will soon meet the Giallorossi. We are awaiting for the new Director of Sport to be announced, who I read will be  Monchi, and I’m really happy about that. First of all because he will evaluate Daniele, and then because we are talking about an excellent director, one who has really made history by himself… Any which way, we will discuss his future soon with Roma.


Have you had any new requests/offers?

That’s something that rests on its principles: There is the appreciation of many clubs. I’ve been asked for information from many strong clubs in Serie A, and even from first-rate clubs in Europe. Soon we will know.

Lazio and Roma, the derby of New York

This article is an adaptation by forzaroma on 11/4/2017

The Romans, between Carbonara and an Amitriciana, a beer and a coffee, these are the Romans of the Big Apple.

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Curva Sud: barriers to emancipation, the full story

The Barriers of the Curva Sud: 2015

On September 2nd, 2015, it was reported that construction was beginning on barriers in the Curva Sud. Not knowing what to expect of the barriers, the season ticket holders had little choice but to keep their prepaid seating, as they had done for countless seasons before.

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Former Hippodrome owner speaks on condition of Tor di Valle

Former Hippodrome owner Gaetano Papalia spoke to ‘Te la do io Tokyo’ and Centro Suono Sport on the flooding in the area and condition of the decaying hippodrome/horse track.

On Friday, 23/2/2017, questions will be answered on the uncertainty of Stadio della Roma. With President James Pallotta exclaiming that a failure to approve the stadium would be a “catastrophe for Rome and for A.S. Roma,” the pressure is on the city council to approve the project. However, Mayor Virginia Raggi and Cinque Stelle leader Giuseppe “Beppe” Grillo have been advocating for a new location.

On Thursday, Grillo claimed “Selling tickets at Tor di Valle? They better come with a life preserver.” Such inefficiency and disapproval by the cabinet towards the plan has angered the club’s office, the citizens of Rome, and the millions of the Giallorossi fans.

The former partner-owner of the property that sold it to Parnasi shed light on the supposed flooding and environmental issues.


The Tor di Valle is known by everyone in Rome. How did you come into contact with Parnasi about the sale?

In the mid 2000s we started considering selling the property because we could no longer pay its bills. We started to test the waters in 2003, but the idea of the stadium came about in 2008 when I had the opportunity to meet with representatives of Rosella Sensi. They seemed put off by the amount of investment needed to revitalize the infrastructure and road system. A year later there was a proposition from an English company, but the British withdrew a day before the 50 million euro deal was supposed to close because the Capitoline Assembly blocked their planned usage.


Is it true that in two out of the five surveys there was asbestos found? 

Absolutely not because between 2000 and 2001 we paid for a service to come and clean out all the asbestos in the roof and in the foundations. The removal was made into seven different boxes and cost around 700 million euros.


Has there ever been flooding?

No, and this concern has amazed me because these environmental associations were never concerned when we had 700 race horses using the track. There was no overflowing of the Tiber, and even when there were heavy rains – when the Ostiense was submerged – the two de-watering pumps in Tor di Valle were used. They worked automatically and drained everything. We never had to cancel a day because of bad weather, in 50 years. Even when there was snow we were equipped.


Have you ever met with the Superintendent of Cultural Heritage?

Absolutely not. In 2013, when the building was 50 years old, I remember Parnasi acquired a certificate in which the superintendent excluded the cultural value of the artifacts within the district. It was even reassured  by the notary.



This article is an adaptation from @ForzaRoma


Renzi pushes for Stadio della Roma

After recently resigning as the Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi has been closely following Roma’s stadium project. He had the following to say about his hopes for seeing its fruition:

“I must admit that I’ve been following Spalletti’s words very tensely: Tomorrow at the Olimpico, Roma face Fiorentina, and for us their coach is a real danger (Renzi is former Mayor of Florence, home of his Fiorentina). He has been appealing to the process, because at this moment/in these weeks the probability for a serious urban project has been confined. It’s not just an important asset for the area, providing jobs and opportunity, but above all a factor for the growth and competitiveness of sport in Italy.

We must make the stadiums hospitable for their guests, and sell the media rights to China. Only then will we return to having the best league in the world. If you say no to everything, as is happening in some cities, then the future is blocked. This also blocks investment. We are then condemned to live with only regrets.”


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